We are BDJP Co., Ltd【BDJP株式会社 】operating fresh halal meat business in Japan since 2016. Our primary goal is sourcing, processing halal beef for Japan domestic market.  We are sourcing best cattle from all over Japan via auction. We are following all Japan standard health and sanitation procedures during slaughtering and processing. Surely we have the facilities  in Japan to slaughter followed by  Islamic law. This is very rare, costly and complicated facilities in the context of Japan. But we we very willing to continue our business with fresh halal beef. We are very grateful to ALLAH SWT for giving us the greatest opportunity in Japan. We are based on Kyoto. We have slaughtering facilities at Hyogo, Okayama and Kyoto.
Anwarul Azim Patwary

Founder, CEO

Our shops are:

Halal Meat: https://halalmeatjapan.com/

Halal Food: https://areebahalalfood.com/

Email ID : bdjp.co.ltd@gmail.com

Our Main Banking Partners -

(1) Kyoto Shinkin Bank

(2) Japan Post Bank